Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sea level rises slows

 In a recent paper issued by the Australian Department of Environment and Climate Change "Sea Level Rise: Challenges for Coastal Zone Manager - Phil Watson:

An extract  "current estimates lean toward 1m at 2100."

However, in a paper by Cazenave et al (Link in title) 

This can be summarised as follows : since 2003, sea level has continued to rise but with a rate (2.5+/-0.4 mm/yr) somewhat reduced compared to the 1993-2003 decade (3.1+/-0.4mm/yr).

So, at the rate of the latest decade, the rise over a full century would be ~254mm or,even by using the previous decade's rate, over a full century the rise would be ~310mm.

Less than a third of the Department's estimate.

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