Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Barack Obama’s Polluted Mind -No More Alcohol?

From LewRockwell.com's  Eric Englund:

"Barack Obama intends to officially classify carbon dioxide as a "dangerous pollutant." ....
"Once President Obama declares carbon dioxide to be a dangerous pollutant, every single American brewery, winery and distillery will be, by definition a "dangerous polluter."

As will every citizen who drinks Cola or even exhales!

"Thus if manmade carbon dioxide output must be drastically reduced to save the planet and humanity itself, then President Obama must strongly consider reinstating alcohol prohibition...
Al Gore, to date, hasn't had the guts to push the global-warming scam to the point of suggesting global alcohol prohibition and I highly doubt President Obama has the guts to do so in the U.S. Both these political hacks, after all, are socialists and are certainly not in love with mother Erth and humanity, but with power and celebrity.

So, over to you Barack and while we're at it, over to you Kevin747.

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