Wednesday, November 18, 2009

World First Sceptics TV ad Campaign

The Fledgling political party The Climate Sceptics will be running a TV ad campaign on several TV stations in the coming week.

President of the Climate Sceptics Leon Ashby says " I believe this is the first time climate sceptics anywhere in the world have made TV ads and put them on commercial TV. It is a long way short of the $14 million dollar campaign Penny Wong organised the Government to pay for with an alarmist message, but while being outspent by over 1,000 to one, it should give the public the message the Climate sceptics are a growing number of ordinary moderate people prepared to do what is right for the country`s sake by attempting to stop the senseless ETS idea.

"The campaign is focussed in Canberra but includes Sydney and even country areas in Victoria, NSW and QLD". It is timed to put pressure on Senators voting on the ETS bill and to assist our independent candidates Stephen Murphy and Bill Koutalianos running in Higgins and Bradfield respectively.

Mr Ashby says "The idea is to educate the community that 'we have been conned' because there is proof CO2 emissions are not the cause of global warming and graphs of the official temperature records verify this . We feature diagrams also showing how useless an ETS will be as part of the campaign" he added.

The party`s 685 members are funding the campaign and more small TV ad campaigns are expected to follow.

Ashby, an Environmental award winner, says "It's obvious that people are confused what to think about an ETS so we want to educate the community on what the facts are. Unfortunately both Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull are ignoring these facts."

The four ads feature a scientific paper that proves CO2 cannot cause Dangerous Global warming, The recent global trends showing there is no current global warming, the true cost of an ETS and why China's increasing rate of emissions make Australias 5 % reduction totally pointless.

The Climate Sceptics leader concludes "So whether you consider the logic or the science or the cost of an ETS show, it's a useless Idea. the Climate Sceptics will lead the way in explaining it to the public".

All four ads are on the web site to view and download at

or to view on Youtube at

Monday, November 2, 2009

Follow the science on Climate Change

The Financial Times advises us to Follow the science. It's a pity that they didn't follow their own advice.

They claim: "...especially in the Arctic, where summer sea ice has shrunk alarmingly over the past five years." oh, really - follow the science:

The FT says: The geological record shows that natural change can happen extremely fast.."

Well, the 650,000 years of Vostok Ice core samples show that warming causes atmospheric Co2 to rise with a lag of 800=/-200 years. The Medieval Warm Period was approximately 800 years ago.

The FT says: (Climatologists) suggest a real (though probably small) risk that, by pumping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to levels not seen for millions of years, we could trigger catastrophic, runaway global warming.

Hello!?! Look at the Vostok Ice Core samples - CO2 does not cause warming. And as for millions of years, well, it's a bit shorter than that. FT should follow the science. The determination of atmospheric CO2 by the Pettenkofer method shows levels around 450 ppmv at c1820 and c1948.

FT should examine the science before it exhorts others to "follow the science."