Sunday, May 31, 2009

Penny Wong Wrong Again

We already knew that Penny Wong was not up on her science knowledge, but today, on Sunday with Laurie Oakes, she showed her lack of mathematics. In response to a question on the Murray Darling Basin, she said in part: "We're facing an unprecedented challenge here, Laurie. In the last three years, the long term - the average inflows into the system are about one-fifth of what they are on average."


"...the average inflows into the system are about one-fifth of what they are on average."

Maybe could I add that the average accuracy of her answers on global warming are about one-fifth of what they are on average?

Ex- Union Boss threatens industry

From the article in the Brisbane Times datelined: May 31, 2009 - 11:09AM"

"Parliamentary secretary for climate change Greg Combet last week warned that business could lose out on assistance if the (CPRS)scheme had to be rewritten next year."

Using Unions tactics threatening business.

You can take the Combet out of the Unions but you can't take the....etc

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Space Junk Painted white to save planet

Following on from a previous report that the Obama administration to shoot junk into space to block the sun-light, (the first space litterer?) now we have Steven Chu, a Nobel-winning physicist running the Obama Energy Department, suggested this week that — in terms of the greenhouse effect — painting roofs and bleaching road surfaces worldwide would have the same impact as taking every car off the road for more than a decade.

What about going one step further and painting the upper side of the junk white to reflect the sun?

Are we sure he won the Nobel Prize? Oh, yeah, so did Al Gore.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poor PM Rudd doesn't understand budget

From a Radio interview on Sydney Am Station 2GB today.


Indicating that he doesn't really understand the figures but he said "the debt would peak at a gross figure of 13.8 which comes out at about 300" so they won't use the word billion or whatever but the statement is completely wrong because a gross figure of 13.8 there has been no value attached to that in the Budget at all. The 300 that he is talking about of course is what it is going to be in this cycle who says at the end of four years.


It is all true. Now let me give you another example. I was in the Budget Speech in the House of Representatives on the Tuesday night. The Budget Speech was delivered to all of us. I flicked through it looking for the bottom line. Now Mr Swan did not mention what he was budgeting for.

Marvellous, a PM who doesn't understand his own budget, a PM who crosses out employee shares whislt his filthy rich wife uses this very good incentive with her own staff.

When will the public wake up?

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Uninformed comment from Gair Rhydd

From Gair Rhydd - Cardiff's student weekly:

What are they teaching the students of Cardiff? This arcticle says that MELTING SEA ICE could cause a rise in sea levels (yep, RISE!) and immerse cities such as New York and London under water.

Science 101: Put an ice cube in a glass of water, mark the level and check the level after the ice has melted.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Give global warming sceptics a voice

Very interesting article in the Atlanta JC by J Winston Power

"The “science is settled” side is pushing massive plans in Congress to reduce carbon dioxide. But the science is not settled. If it were, we would have great confidence in all these statements:
1. The world is getting warmer.
2. That’s more bad than good.
3. Humans are causing the warming.
4. We know how to fix the problem.

We-ell, Is the world getting warmer. It warmed as it came out of the little ice age around 1850. During the 20th Century it warmed about 0.6ºC and from 2007 to 2008 it cooled by o.6ºC. In fact the world has been cooling since Al Gore's 41 Inconveniet Lies movie was released.

2 - Warmer is better.
3.- Unproven
4.- What problem???

Friday, May 8, 2009

Press Release by Viv Forbes - Carbon Sense Coalition

Press Release by Viv Forbes BScApp FAusIMM FSIA
Chairman The Carbon Sense Coalition
MS 23 Rosewood Qld 4340
0754 640 533

Introducing Carbon Cops and Narks.

“Giving to any government the power to monitor, control or put a tax on carbon emissions is giving that government the power to monitor, control and tax any or every aspect of human life it may choose to invade.

“Let’s not be fooled by being told by politicians and bureaucrats that their carbon trading scheme will merely start with a few big carbon emitters, whilst the farming sector or other sensitive sectors of the community will be left out in the first stage of this thoroughly anti-human process.

“Once we accept the principle that carbon should be monitored, controlled and taxed, we open the door to the most invasive kind of bureaucratic meddling, and to all the carbon pimps, snoops, cops and narks who want to stick their noses into every aspect of the way we live, whether it is the kind of car we drive, our holiday destinations, our pleasure boat, or even the food miles accrued in our choice of food.”

Bob Brimsmead “An Irrational Fear of Carbon”.

We recommend you check out the full article at:

The Future of Carbon Caps and Taxes.

We don’t want to postpone the Cap-N-Tax Bill, we want to kill it. We certainly do not want it passed into law now.

The worst thing that could happen is still a possibility – so many concessions, exemptions and compromises are agreed that the Cap-N-Tax bill is passed by the Senate. All the bureaucracy, regulations and reporting will become law, but there will be no immediate obvious economic effects. Then, once the inmates get used to the handcuffs, the screws will tighten – exemptions will gradually disappear, permits will cost more, caps will be reduced, green subsidies will increase. By then the whole thing will become ingrained, with a whole climate change industry of vested interests created. We will never get rid of it, even long after the idea of global warming is forgotten. So we need to redouble efforts to get our message out: “Kill this bill now and make sure it stays dead”.

Please help us by sending this message to friends, associates, media and politicians – preferably to a different/bigger group from last time.

Viv Forbes

Rudd doesn't blow his top - but does! Wobbly#2

From the Daily Telegraph:

"The Prime Minister - who tore strips of an RAAF flight attendant over food service on a VIP flight - reportedly became agitated when Diggers couldn't locate a hairdryer for a photo opportunity."

Dear-oh-dear, because he couldn't blow his top...he blew his top

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ms Wong Wrong again!

In an interview with "Webnewswire" Ms Wong, who didn't complete schoolgirl science, nonetheless created some schoolgirl-like howlers.

1 We think it’s in the national interest to try and secure a global agreement we know Australia needs....Well, we all know, even you MS Wong, that a global agreement will never happen. And why do you think that Australia needs a Global Agreement?

2 Carbon Pollution - oxymoron.

3. I think it is disappointing that Mr Turnbull continues not to listen to business calls for certainty... Like you, Ms Wong, Mr Turnbull will not listen to calls to look at the science rather than the political spin - IPCC; Al Gore etc see http:

4...not to listen to the science....Hello-o-o, who's not listening to the science Ms Wrong er Wong!

5...and to environmentalists who say we need a plan in place to reduce our carbon emissions...
The Crazy environmentalists, yes. Ms. Wong, look at It is an anti ETS website set up by environmentalists - The Australian Environment Foundation - a different kind of environment group caring for both Australia and Australians.

KFC and the Budget Deficit

By a couple of back of the envelope calculations and bribe handouts of $900 and $1000 dollars, our amazing PM has managed to get his popularity to around 64%.

What has KFC got to do with it you say?

Well, it's Kev's Financial Crisis. And it has hit the fans. He now must start to get a pay-back - that's right he spent all our taxpayer dollars and is deeply in debt. So he must hit us in his budget next week. The filthy-rich Rudd will hit us where-ever he can.

But, Kevy, I have a solution. Close down the completely unnecessary Climate Change Departments and all its Clinging Qangos and all its handouts and you might almost wipe out your horrific deficit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rudd's Embarassing Back-down on ETS

On the 7:30 report, left wing journalists Kerry O'Brien and Michael Brissenden were mildly critical of left wing PM Rudd.

Kerry Oh-Oh-Oh- O'Brien:

"Having said repeatedly that he would not delay the introduction of his carbon pollution reduction scheme next year, the Prime Minister announced today that he would be doing precisely that, putting it off until mid 2011, and softening the cost of the scheme for business until mid 2012."

Michael Brissenden:

"The Government had planned to begin implementing its carbon pollution reduction scheme by the middle of next year. Just last December the Prime Minister said a delay to that timetable would be reckless and irresponsible, bad for the economy and the environment. But yesterday's definitive position it seems is not necessarily suited to today's realities."

Slap on the wrist, PM!

And the Left wing ABC whose editorial policy says:

The board requires the ABC to demonstrate impartiality in two ways:

1. ….the board requires impartiality at the content or program level….

2…This means that while individual items of content can take a particular perspective on an issue, the ABC must be able to demonstrate at the platform level that it has provided its audience with a range of different perspectives on the subject under consideration. …..

Well, ABC, where is the the different perspective? Where is the alternative view from the around 50% of the populace that believes, make that knows, that AGW is a big hoax and to inflict a Carbon (Dioxide) Pollution Reduction scheme is completely unnecessary?

Rudd and Wong and their embarassing backdown

Kerry OB on the 7:30 report quotes Kevin 747 Rudd in the middle of the KFC (Kev's Financial Crisis)
"Penny Wong, it's only a few months ago in mid December that the Prime Minister said, and I'll quote, "It would be reckless and irresponsible for our economy and for our environment," to delay the introduction of your carbon emissions trading scheme."
and goes on to mention an embarassing U-turn.

Penny says inter-alia: ..."very significant global economic recession"... and ..."very substantial global economic crisis"
and between these she says: "...what we're trying to do is to shift Australia to a low-pollution economy."

A very noble aim, Penny, and I'm sure that there is not one Australian that would agree with a low-pollution economy. But, how do you pollute an economy?

Then MS Wong blows it! "....if you don't put in place a mechanism to reduce your carbon (dioxide) pollution..." Please explain?

Can you show us, Ms Wong, who didn't even do high school science, one bit of scientific evidence that shows carbon dioxide is pollution?

Then Kerry Oh-Oh-Oh- O'Brien says (timidly?)
"Dare I suggest that this policy back flip has been framed as a political exercise for the next election?"

Another Hard-hitting interview from a hard hitting left wing journalist to a left wing politician on a left wing station that sponsors a left wing think tank AusSMC.