Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ms Wong Wrong again!

In an interview with "Webnewswire" Ms Wong, who didn't complete schoolgirl science, nonetheless created some schoolgirl-like howlers.

1 We think it’s in the national interest to try and secure a global agreement we know Australia needs....Well, we all know, even you MS Wong, that a global agreement will never happen. And why do you think that Australia needs a Global Agreement?

2 Carbon Pollution - oxymoron.

3. I think it is disappointing that Mr Turnbull continues not to listen to business calls for certainty... Like you, Ms Wong, Mr Turnbull will not listen to calls to look at the science rather than the political spin - IPCC; Al Gore etc see http:

4...not to listen to the science....Hello-o-o, who's not listening to the science Ms Wrong er Wong!

5...and to environmentalists who say we need a plan in place to reduce our carbon emissions...
The Crazy environmentalists, yes. Ms. Wong, look at It is an anti ETS website set up by environmentalists - The Australian Environment Foundation - a different kind of environment group caring for both Australia and Australians.

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