Friday, May 8, 2009

Press Release by Viv Forbes - Carbon Sense Coalition

Press Release by Viv Forbes BScApp FAusIMM FSIA
Chairman The Carbon Sense Coalition
MS 23 Rosewood Qld 4340
0754 640 533

Introducing Carbon Cops and Narks.

“Giving to any government the power to monitor, control or put a tax on carbon emissions is giving that government the power to monitor, control and tax any or every aspect of human life it may choose to invade.

“Let’s not be fooled by being told by politicians and bureaucrats that their carbon trading scheme will merely start with a few big carbon emitters, whilst the farming sector or other sensitive sectors of the community will be left out in the first stage of this thoroughly anti-human process.

“Once we accept the principle that carbon should be monitored, controlled and taxed, we open the door to the most invasive kind of bureaucratic meddling, and to all the carbon pimps, snoops, cops and narks who want to stick their noses into every aspect of the way we live, whether it is the kind of car we drive, our holiday destinations, our pleasure boat, or even the food miles accrued in our choice of food.”

Bob Brimsmead “An Irrational Fear of Carbon”.

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The Future of Carbon Caps and Taxes.

We don’t want to postpone the Cap-N-Tax Bill, we want to kill it. We certainly do not want it passed into law now.

The worst thing that could happen is still a possibility – so many concessions, exemptions and compromises are agreed that the Cap-N-Tax bill is passed by the Senate. All the bureaucracy, regulations and reporting will become law, but there will be no immediate obvious economic effects. Then, once the inmates get used to the handcuffs, the screws will tighten – exemptions will gradually disappear, permits will cost more, caps will be reduced, green subsidies will increase. By then the whole thing will become ingrained, with a whole climate change industry of vested interests created. We will never get rid of it, even long after the idea of global warming is forgotten. So we need to redouble efforts to get our message out: “Kill this bill now and make sure it stays dead”.

Please help us by sending this message to friends, associates, media and politicians – preferably to a different/bigger group from last time.

Viv Forbes

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