Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rudd's Embarassing Back-down on ETS

On the 7:30 report, left wing journalists Kerry O'Brien and Michael Brissenden were mildly critical of left wing PM Rudd.

Kerry Oh-Oh-Oh- O'Brien:

"Having said repeatedly that he would not delay the introduction of his carbon pollution reduction scheme next year, the Prime Minister announced today that he would be doing precisely that, putting it off until mid 2011, and softening the cost of the scheme for business until mid 2012."

Michael Brissenden:

"The Government had planned to begin implementing its carbon pollution reduction scheme by the middle of next year. Just last December the Prime Minister said a delay to that timetable would be reckless and irresponsible, bad for the economy and the environment. But yesterday's definitive position it seems is not necessarily suited to today's realities."

Slap on the wrist, PM!

And the Left wing ABC whose editorial policy says:

The board requires the ABC to demonstrate impartiality in two ways:

1. ….the board requires impartiality at the content or program level….

2…This means that while individual items of content can take a particular perspective on an issue, the ABC must be able to demonstrate at the platform level that it has provided its audience with a range of different perspectives on the subject under consideration. …..

Well, ABC, where is the the different perspective? Where is the alternative view from the around 50% of the populace that believes, make that knows, that AGW is a big hoax and to inflict a Carbon (Dioxide) Pollution Reduction scheme is completely unnecessary?

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