Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Worst Clinate Predictions of 2008

Anthony Watts has published his worst climate predictions for 2008. Some:-

Old Farmers' Almanac predicted 2008 would be the hottest year in the last 100.

What, hotter than GISS's hottest - 1934. Sorry - Wrong.

Tim Flannery: "Australia's cities will run out of drinking water due to global warming."  He predicted Perth would become "the first 21st century ghost city" and that Sydney would run out of water by 2007.

They are laughing at you around the world, Tim.

In 2006, Dr Hoegh-Guldberg warned that high temperatures might kill 30-40% of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef "within a month." Veteran diver Ben Cropp said that in 50 years (diving round the GBR) he'd seen no heat damage to the reef at all.

Many more predictions shot down at (Link in title)

2008 - AGW Disproved

From Telegraph - UK 30/12/08 by Christopher Booker

"Easily one of the most important stories of 2008 has been all the evidence suggesting that this may be looked back on as the year when there was a turning point in the great worldwide panic over man-made global warming."

"First, all over the world, temperatures have been dropping in a way wholly unpredicted by those computer models..."

"Second, 2008 was the year when any pretence that there was a "scientific consensus" in favour of man-made global warming collapsed...."

At least on of the MSM is prepared to publish contraary opinion to the B/S put out by the IPCC.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Double Standards a threat to democracy

From The Age: 24/12/08 by Janet Albrechtsen re Political Donations. 

Some extracts:

"At worst, reforms that address concerns about the practices of pro-business parties while leaving untouched the abuses favoured by unions will simply skew democracy in Labor's favour. One-sided reforms will actually damage democracy."


"As Faulkner says, even the perception of undue influence is enough to potentially taint our democracy. But let's be frank. The Rudd Government cannot undertake electoral reform unless Labor looks at the undue influence of unions, the union money that flows into Labor coffers by donations and affiliation fees and the cashed-up campaigns union run on behalf of Labor"


"While companies can only hope their money will earn them political favours, unions can count on it happening. .....It's guaranteed under the ALP's constitution: union representatives get 50% of seats at ALP state conferences to dictate Labor Party Policy."

"Yet the nature of 3rd party campaigns in Australia is such that if we ban or cap donations (except by individuals) and allow 3rd party campaigns by unions to continue unabated, the political field is skewed against one side: the conservatives"

Indeed Double standards are happening.

Write to your local member!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Global Cooling/Warming re Antarctica

From the Vendee Globe Race Site:

Quoting David Salas y Melia weather researcher with meteo France (

"What we can say about the last 50 years is that we have the impression that the climate patterns in this region are still insulated from what is going on in the rest of the world" (ie the supposed warming -tb)  "Indeed, if the Western Antarctic, in particular the Antarctic Peninsular has warmed slightly, we can see that the eastern side, which represents 2/3 of the continent, has grown colder. ..... with averages currently around -50 to -60º in the central area, it will continue to be very cold"

So, even a 10º increase in the supposed global warming would leave Antarctic temperatures around -40 to -50º. 

Gee, that would cause a melting of Antarctic Ice at around 0% of the ice.

It's a big worry!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

NZ Climate Science Coalition demand removal of the Environment Commissioner

The Coalition's chairman, Rear-Admiral Jack Welch, said  "Dr Wright's apparent ignorance of the nature and processes of science, her blatant bias in the ongoing scientific debate about climate science and her attempts to muzzle free speach and scientific debate mean she has forfeited any right to a position that demands integrity, professional and neutrality."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hansen and Gore Blown out of the WATER

James Hansen reported to the senate in 2007 that sea level rises may be measured in meters, Al Gore in his Oscar winning but greatly discredited movie asserts that a sea-level rise of 20 feet (more than 6 metres) is a realistic short--term prospect.

Now, in Science Magazine 5 September 2008, a paper entitled
Kinetic Constraints on Glacier Contributions to 21st-Century Sea-Level Rise 
W.T. Pfeffer, J.T. Harper, S O'Neel seems to have shown this to be wrong.

From the abstract:
"We...conclude that increases in excess of 2 meters are physically untenable. We find that a total sea-level rise of about 2 meters by 2100 could occur but only if all variables are quickly accelerated to extremely high limits. More plausible but still accelerated conditions lead to a total sea-level rise by 2100 of about 0.8 meter"

I would say that the sea-level rise myths of Hansen and Gore are busted.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pre-industrial Co2 levels about the same as today

Tim Ball in Canadian Free Press: Dec 10th, 2008.

"Proponents of human induced warming and climate change told us that an increase in CO2 precedes and causes temperature increase. They were wrong.

They told us the late 20th century was the warmest on record. They were wrong.

They told us, using the infamous "hockey stick" graph, the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) did not exist. They were wrong.

They told us Arctic Ice would continue to decrease in area through 2008. They were wrong.

They told us October 2008 was the second warmest on record. They were wrong, it was 1934.

They told us current atmospheric levels of CO2 are the highest on record. They were wrong."

The IPCC - how wrong can they get?
I want my money back!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Conflicting Reports

David Deming (He was the Professor from University of Oklahoma who was told by IPCC Lead Author that they had to get rid of the MWP leading to the infamous Mann et al Hockey Stick)
has been criticising a recent Associated Press report on Global Warming.
In the report Science (Fiction?) writer Seth Borenstein said: "Global warming is accelerating."
Deming replied with: "The mean global temperature, at least as measured by satellite, is now the same as it was in the year 1980. In the last couple of years sea level has stopped rising. Hurricane and cyclone activity in the northern hemisphere is at a 24 year low and sea ice globally is also the same as it was in 1980"

Meanwhile at

The World Meteorological Organisation thinks 2008 was the 10th warmest year on record(really, not according to GISS, UAH, Hadley), the second lowest level of Arctic Ice cover (oh yeah? Go to Cryosphere today) and more idiocy.

WMO - World Meteorological Organisation or World's Maddest Organisation

Getup Notup with the science

Getup has said today that the Federal Government's emission reduction target of 5% will condemn our Great Barrier Reef, Murray Darling Basin and Kakadu region to destruction.

Getout! of here.

Australia's contribution to the man-made Co2 is less than 1.5%.
Atmospheric Co2 is currently about 388ppm or about 0.0388% of the atmosphere.
Human's contribute less than 4% of 0.0388 x 0.04 = 0.001552%
Aust's contribution (less than) 1.5% of this  0.015 x 0.001552 = 0.00002328%
If we reduce that by Ruddud's 5%..               0.00002328 x 0.95 = 0.0000022116
or go for a 50% reduction                              0.00002328 x 0.50 = 0.00001164

Go-o-llee, even if you believe in man-made global warming, can these Green Fools seriously believe the junk they are sprouting?

Getup! and do some reasoning

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Honest Climate Debate

Courtesy Tom Nelson and an Honest Climate Debate Blogs.

The producers of "Not Evil, Just wrong." 

Some Quotes:

"Propaganda is fuelling the new Global Warming hysteria."
"Gore flies his own jet (not commercial airlines) Well, don't preach to me!"
"Is it real science? -No, it's a seriously flawed theory."
"It's no coincidence that environmentalism really took off after the fall of Communism."

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bob Brown condemns Mr Rudd

Bob Brown has said today (15/12/08) that the Ruddudd's carbon (dioxide) targets means the end of The Great Barrier and Kakadu. How does this line up with the fact that China is adding more CO2 "pollution" each week than Australia puts out in a year. Our "carbon footprint" is so insignificant that we could wipe out the whole population, close down every factory, stop all animals from exhaling and it would not make the slightest bit of difference. Co2 is only about 3% of greenhouse gasses and the anthropogenic part of that Co2 is also around 3% and Australia's contribution to that 3% of 3% is so small that you could not count the amount.

So, Mr Brown, how is it that, if we reduce our virtual zero anthropogenic Co2 by 5% it will not make a difference but if we reduce it by 25% we will save the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu?

Al Gore says Polar Ice Cap will disappear in 5 years

Al Gore(Link in title) has predicted that the entire North Pole Ice cap will disappear in 5 years and in case you don't get it he holds up a spread hand indicating five.

He can easily see that there is a build-up in Arctic Ice on the "Cryosphere today" site.

As the temperature comes down, Gore's idiocy goes up!

$1.4Bbn investment in "Climate Change"

The Federal Government will give business and households $1.4bn to tackle climate change.
The funding will be raised from the carbon taxes under the ETS.
The ever-wrong Ms Wong said .."this is... to ensure that the monies raised from the scheme are invested back into Australian businesses and Australian households..."

So, Penny's new HAT (hot air tax) will be given back to compensate for it being taken away in the first place??

Journalist throws shoes at George W

An Iraqi journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia channel hurled his shoes and an insult at President Bush. The throwing, even the showing of the soles of shoes is in itself an insult.

Al-Baghdadia should give aal-Zaidi the BOOT!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

UK's coldest start to Winter

Since Dec 1, the average UK temp has been only 1.7C, well below the long term 1971-2000 average of 4.7C for the first 10 days of the month.

10 days do not a trend make, however there are more and more stories pointing to the fact that we could be heading for cooling and - heaven forbid - another ice age.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tim Lambert attacks the man

Tim Lambert in his Deltoid blog has decided to attack Louis Hissink  MSc.

Ah say Ah Say Hold on theyare, ole deltoid.

Coolest Year since 2000

From James Randerson in the UK Guardian:

This year is set to be the coolest since 2000 according to the UK Met office. The global average for 2008 should come in close to 14.3C which is 0.14C below the average temperature for 2001-7.

Anthony Watts ( gives examples of failed Met Office forecasts and concludes: The message in the UK Met office press releases is that, since there is such poor skill with seasonal weather prediction, multi-decadal climate prediction must be a much less precise and accurate science than we heard promoted by the IPCC and in theclimate change press releases given out by the UK Met Office and others.

Snow in New Orleans

Snow in New Orleans is a rarity. The last time it snowed was Christmas 2004.

Since 1850 snow has only fallen...just 17 times. Of the 17, today's snowfall was the earliest in the season recorded.

Cars and AGW

Isn't it interesting that the governments that believe in AGW are also the governments that want to bail out the carbon-spewing car industry.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Auto Bailout Deal Advances

GM this year: 1st Qtr Loss   $3.3 billion
   2nd Qtr Loss  $15.5 billion
Without Government assistance, top officials said, the company qould run out of cash to operate early in  2009.

Ford  this Year  1st half loss   $8.6 billion
                              3rd Qtr loss  $2.9 billion

Chrysler this year sales have fallen 25%

Their request: called for $34 billion in federal loans to ward off bankruptcy - sales continued to plunge in November dropping 37% for Ford, 41% for GM and 47% for Chrysler.

However the US administration is considering loaning the auto  makers $15 billion.

Would you loan money to someone who is going bankrupt? If you would, would you loan them less than half they need to stave off bankruptcy?

The Gore Effect - Early Snowfalls in Europe Hit Historic Levels

Again a Global Warming Gabfest hit with cold weather. When do you think they will start to look for funding for Global Cooling?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Is Penny Wong or Right

Penny Wong on Insiders yesterday said due to AGW, Australia will have MORE storms but LESS Rainfall.

Think about it Penny, Queensland has just gone through severe storms and flooding!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Law of Diminishing Returns

Tom Nelson reports as follows in the London Rally for Climate Change:

2006 22,000
2007 10,000
2008  5,000

Hey, AGWers, you're losing your audience

New US report on Global Warming causes worry

Anthony Watts quotes a report published 4 Dec 08:  "...a section of the 56 page report....the impact of global warming and its potential to cause natural disasters...has become a prominent - and controversial - national and international concern.  ..."In many respects, scientific conclusions about the causes and potential effects of global warming are contradictory."

The AGWers are disputing the report.

Gypsies in the Palace?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

James Bidgood - MP or photographer

Graham Young has an interesting discussion going on the Ambit Gambit blog. He is asking whether James Bidgood should be "in trouble for taking a photograph."  Further: "was it the taking of the photo what is said to be wrong? Or was it selling...."

His argument is good but I am of the other opinion.  Still I wonder what was Newscorp's BID for the photo.

Did they BIDGOOD?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Suddenly we seem to be facinga Siberian Freeze

If China was facing a Siberian Freeze, UK thought it was.

Where's my Global Warming, Dude

The worst snowstorms in  50 years hit Southern China in January and February. Now in December people are stranded on expressways and buses remained in their depots

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Howard, Rudd, Obama, Terrorism

The Times (UK) today reports that Barack Obama should brace himself for a terrorist attack.
The Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism states "Our margin of safety is shrinking, not growing.....The United States should be...far more concerned that biologists will become terrorists."

On many occasions Mr KRudd  has tried to condemn Mr Howard for his suggestion that al-Qaeda would be praying for Barack Obama to become US President. Mr KRudd, however, did not ridicule Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, who, around the same time said: "We're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.

Dangerous Wind Turbines

The Evening Telegraph from Peterborough UK contains a frightening report. Freezing overnight temperatures (due to AGW?) had caused ice to form on the turbines and as they built up. huge lumps - some two feet long - showered people from the 80 metre high tower.

Will the AGW alarmists ban dangerous towers as well as CO2?

Change - my mind a lot

Link to IBDEditorial cartoon - worth a look!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Meeting of the Climate Alarmists

Link in title to a secretly recorded meeting of the Climate Alarmists

Monday, December 1, 2008

Space Shuttle back from 6.6million mile mission

Watch the landing in the link in the title. Beautiful.

Part of their mission was to repair the Urine recycler. Gee, I hope they don't charge like my plumber!

Don't wait - buy your carbon credits now!

I don't have to wait for KRudd and Penny's new HAT (Hot Air Tax.) I can go to Green Pig (Link in title) and buy my carbon credits now.  Great.

I have emailed these pigs as follows:

If I buy CCs from you, are they officially recognised?
Who gets the money?
What if science proves that CO2 is not the culprit, do I get my money back?
I want to do right but I want to know if I'm doing the right thing.

Awaiting your reply.... and I am. Do you think I will get a reply?

Cows targeted in climate change war

We thought that Prof Ross Guano was a bit funny suggesting we do away with cows and start eating kangaroo.

Seems he wasn't the first. The Institute of Grasslands and Environmental Research in Aberystwyth beat him by at least a year. Michael Abberton of the Aberystwyth Institution said, inter alia, that rye grass with a high sugar content shows promise in reducing methane from both ends of the cow.

Dr Abberton said that it has improved milk and meat yield from cattle.
I'm not surprised, a high sugar diet has produced high meat yields or at least high fat content in humans.