Monday, December 29, 2008

Double Standards a threat to democracy

From The Age: 24/12/08 by Janet Albrechtsen re Political Donations. 

Some extracts:

"At worst, reforms that address concerns about the practices of pro-business parties while leaving untouched the abuses favoured by unions will simply skew democracy in Labor's favour. One-sided reforms will actually damage democracy."


"As Faulkner says, even the perception of undue influence is enough to potentially taint our democracy. But let's be frank. The Rudd Government cannot undertake electoral reform unless Labor looks at the undue influence of unions, the union money that flows into Labor coffers by donations and affiliation fees and the cashed-up campaigns union run on behalf of Labor"


"While companies can only hope their money will earn them political favours, unions can count on it happening. .....It's guaranteed under the ALP's constitution: union representatives get 50% of seats at ALP state conferences to dictate Labor Party Policy."

"Yet the nature of 3rd party campaigns in Australia is such that if we ban or cap donations (except by individuals) and allow 3rd party campaigns by unions to continue unabated, the political field is skewed against one side: the conservatives"

Indeed Double standards are happening.

Write to your local member!

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