Saturday, December 27, 2008

Global Cooling/Warming re Antarctica

From the Vendee Globe Race Site:

Quoting David Salas y Melia weather researcher with meteo France (

"What we can say about the last 50 years is that we have the impression that the climate patterns in this region are still insulated from what is going on in the rest of the world" (ie the supposed warming -tb)  "Indeed, if the Western Antarctic, in particular the Antarctic Peninsular has warmed slightly, we can see that the eastern side, which represents 2/3 of the continent, has grown colder. ..... with averages currently around -50 to -60º in the central area, it will continue to be very cold"

So, even a 10º increase in the supposed global warming would leave Antarctic temperatures around -40 to -50º. 

Gee, that would cause a melting of Antarctic Ice at around 0% of the ice.

It's a big worry!

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