Monday, February 22, 2010

We'll all be inundated

The seas are rising, We'll all be inundated.

Yesterday, on the Insiders, the following conversation took place between Climate Alarmists David "we'll all fry" Marr and Fran Kelly.

Marr: "This week the Australian had a nice bloke from Bondi who'd been swimming at Bondi for years..... They had his picture on the front page saying, you know, I've been swimming at Bondi for 30 years and I haven't noticed the ocean come up."

Kelly: "Nonsense!"

Marr: "Complete Nonsense!"

Meanwhile, on the same day, over in the UK, the Climate Alarmist Newspaper Guardian had an article headed: Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels

Study claimed in 2009 that sea levels would rise by up to 82cm by the end of century – but the report's author now says true estimate is still unknown

The article concludes:

In a statement the authors of the paper said: "Since publication of our paper we have become aware of two mistakes which impact the detailed estimation of future sea level rise. This means that we can no longer draw firm conclusions regarding 21st century sea level rise from this study without further work.

"One mistake was a miscalculation; the other was not to allow fully for temperature change over the past 2,000 years. Because of these issues we have retracted the paper and will now invest in the further work needed to correct these mistakes."

In the Nature Geoscience retraction, in which Siddall and his colleagues explain their errors, Vermeer and Rahmstorf are thanked for "bringing these issues to our attention".

Meanwhile, the World's leading Sea Level expert, Nils-Axel Morner maintains that sea levels are not rising. "...we can see that the sea level was indeed rising, from, let us say, 1850 to 1930-1940. And that rise had a rate in the order of 1 millimeter per year; 1.1 is the exact figure. Not more.

So, we have this 1 mm per year up to 1930, by observation, and we have it by rotation recording. So we go with those two. They go up and down, but there’s no trend in it; it was up until 1930, and then down again. There’s no trend, absolutely no

Friday, February 19, 2010

Climate sceptics are all red herrings and quackery

Climate sceptics are all red herrings and quackery....At least according to Penny Wong.

In an article in the National Times today, Ms Wong (in an address to the first national forum on coasts and climate change) said: "The reality is that the Copenhagen Accord is an important and welcome step toward an effective global agreement on climate change.

It saw, for the first time, leaders agree to hold any increase in global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius

Oh, are they gods? Can they control the multi-facets of climate? The Vostok Ice-core samples show that temperature precedes rise in CO2 by 800+/-200 years. Can Ms Wong and her very large Climate Change Department change climate? It reeks of quackery to me!

She goes on to say: "Remember the people who have been barrackers for policy failure at home and abroad are the same people who have been peddling misinformation and misleading information about the science of climate change."

I almost agree with MS Wong on this one! Mind you, I would make a few small changes to her statement: Remember the people who have been barrackers for a Cap 'n' Trade scheme, both home and abroad, are the same people who have been peddling misinformation and misleading information about the science of climate change.

She goes on to issue some misleading information: "....facts like that 2009 was the second hottest year on record in Australia and the fifth hottest globally, and that 2009 finished the hottest decade in recorded history." She relies on the IPCC for her support but the IPCC AR4 has been greatly disputed. One of the lead authors of the IPCC, Mr Phil Jones, would dispute the statement that 2009 was the second hottest year on record.

There is a section on the Government's Climate Change Website called "Science - facts and fiction." Having read through that section, I could see the fiction but couldn't find the facts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catholics and Climate Change

According to a Post called: Challenging the climate sceptics By: Ellen Teague (Link in Title)
Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2010. Sir John Houghton: "argues that Christians and other faith communities must keep up the pressure for more action on climate change at the next UN climate meeting in Mexico in December 2010. He suggests that many of the voices of scepticism have been orchestrated by vested interests, especially in the United States, with the intent of discrediting and silencing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

Sir John says the climate sceptics, (of whom I am one), "have been orchestrated by vested interests."

Now, I will admit here that I have no vested interest except for the good of humanity.

Sir John also is quoted as saying: "....with the intent of discrediting and silencing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change." (IPCC).

Well, with all due respect, Sir John, We sceptics don't have to do a thing! The IPCC has been very efficient in discrediting itself.

Meanwhile, because atmospheric CO2 has increased, the world has been able to feed the increasing population. Sir John and the rapidly crumbling IPCC have been advocating a reduction in CO2 - a reduction in the world's ability to feed itself.

They also have been advocating planting bio-fuel in food crop fields and planting trees in fuel crop fields to create a carbon sink. Again, these people are reducing food crops to push their crazy unproven hypothesis that
a) the globe is warming (even one of their Lead authors admits that it isn't!)
b) CO2 is causing the warming. It has been proven that it isn't!