Friday, November 28, 2008

The Left vs the Looney Left

Larry Buttrose - The Australian 27/11/08.

"No-one could accuse the Left of long sentimental honeymoons. It took less than a fortnight for stories about (Obama) as a possible lackey of the usual overlords."

"A year ago, the shiraz-hued flush of euphoria had hardly subsided from the faces of some of my friends and colleagues before they started denouncing Kevin Rudd."

Why didn't they ask us in the right on the right? We could have set them right in both cases.
(Incidently, what happened to the Chardonay Sipping?)

Rudd, Julia Gillard and their team were the ones who defeated Howard...."

However, they would not have done it without the Looney Left - the Green Party Preferences

Rudd and extreme capitalism

"Rudd has grown attached to his description of the crisis as a result of 'extreme capitalism.'
That's akin to saying the Titanic sank because of extreme sailing. .... The cause of the calamity was bad policy...." says Peter Hartcher in SMH 28/11/08 (Link above)

I say KRudd is a result of extreme egotism.

Partial Sale of Hurlstone Farm

The cash strapped NSW government, has, in its lack of wisdom, decided to sell off 140 of the farms 160 acres. This would virtually leave only the school section, selling of most of the farm and the Memorial Forest. Hurlstone Farm is a working farm but the sell off would reduce it to just the basic school campus. Contracts for product from the farm will have to be broken.

The Lunatics are running the asylum.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Man who sexually assualt girl, 10, to appeal nine-year jail term

He was sentenced on October 14th to 7 yrs for aggravated burglary and ONLY 5 years for the charges of sexually penetrating a child aged under 16 - she was only 10.

Let's hope they review the sentence and at least double it.

Hornsby Hospital staff to provide own pens

NSW's horror budget has hit Hornsby hospital where staff have been asked to provide their own pens. (Listen to Ray Hadley Link in Title)

In a system where there are 7 administrators to every one medical staff member, I would think that it would be more economic to reduce the administrators and then provide pens so nurses can make notes on patients charts.

You wouldn't write home about it, would you! Well not unless you had a pen.

Backbenchers told to shut up

NSW Labor Party bosses have blasted government backbenchers, telling them to "pull their heads in" and stop bagging the Premier Nathan Rees.

Probably because he is already beibg bagged in every pub and club and dinner party in NSW.

Obama skips church, heads to gym

Link in Title.
"Pres2be Obama has yet to attend church services since winning the White House earlier this      month, a departure from his two immediate predecessors. On the 3 Sundays since his election,    Obama has instead used his free time to get in workouts at a Chicago Gym"

Let's see, before the Election he abandoned the Jeremiah was a Bullfrog Wright's racist Black Value System Church. He continued to go there after he abandoned it in January 08 after 20 years. He then resigned from the church in June 08.

ABC News (ie US ABC) on 24/11/08 reported he had yet to decide on a new church.

Perhaps he decided on the Church of the Holy Gym.

Piers Ackerman on No Einstein Rudd

Piers says KRudd is no Einstein.

Look out Piers, you will be in trouble for revealing state secrets.

ABC and Greenhouse Gases

The ABC (Click title) states that "climate-warming" greenhouse gases rose to record highs in 2007.

So Auntie ABC, can you explain why temperatures are falling?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Global Cooling

Climate change sceptics are quietly watching a growing accumulation of GLOBAL COOLING (click on these words in headline for reference) science.

Other findings could signal that the science behind global warming MAY STILL BE TOO SHAKY (sorry for shouting) to warrant cap-and-trade legislation.

What do we do with the people that have spent money buying CARBON CREDITS?

WJP says if they were foolish enough to spend money on shaky science, let them lose their carbon dollars.

I agree!!

Yes Virginia, there is a Vaclav Klaus

The Czech republic's president Vaclav Klaus (click on headline) has blamed the misguided fight against global warming for contributing to the international financial crisis.

He also called Al Gore an apostle of arrogance. Honto Kana?

Mr Klaus told his son that communism was oppressive. "If you lived under communism, then you are very sensitive to forces that try to control human liberty."

Is restricting CO2 banning trying to control human liberty?

Australian Budget Deficit

Today Mr KRudd admitted that the budget would go into deficit. (Click on headline for link.)

Well, Go-lee, "Kev 08 is not so great."

Budget (that is estimated) deficit was $20B, then this was re-assessed to $5B. In the meantime, Heavy Spending Kevie promised $10B. Let's see, $5B-$10B= -$5B.

Minus 5 billion dollars.

Gee, I think that's a deficit, ja ne?

Expanding Glaciers

The AGW people say that glaciers are retreating.

Well, click on Expanding Glaciers above for a partial list of glaciers that are expanding.

Global Warming or Global cooling?

Obama and Dangerous Pollutant

Pres2be Barack has said after inauguration he will declare CO2 to be a dangerous pollutant.

Does this mean goodbye to all carbonated drinks - goodbye coca cola, goodbye soda water and especially GOODBYE to BEER 

David Bellamy

Whatever happened to David Bellamy?
According to official data, in every year since 1998, world temperatures have been getting colder and ...Arctic Ice actually increased. Why, then, do we not hear about that? The sad fact is that since I said I didn't believe humans caused global warming, I've not been allowed to make a television programme.

The Australian 25/11/08 "The Price of dissent on Global Warming.

Teaching Children Hatred

Palestinian children's video rewriting the truth about Israel and promoting hatred.

New PM?

Annabel Crabb in today's (26/11/08) Herald writes "Julia Gillard has been acting Prime Minister on so many occasions now that one suspects she''s not acting anymore."
She does a better job than Kevin 747 anyway and hits back at the opposition in Question Time whereas Kevin ignores their question and answers some other unaskked question.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


 In an article by Dennis Shanahan in today's (25/11/08) Australian titled "Push to put Labor in the red" Dennis refers to Malcolm Turnbull as "the millionaire former banker."

Does he refer to Bob Hawke as "the millionaire former PM" or to Paul Keating as "the millionaire former pig farmer" or perhaps our present PM as "the millionaire former junior diplomatic stafffer?"
PM or AM:
That great former Parliamentarian, Sir James Killen, said of Gough Whitlam that he had crossed the International Dateline so many times, he doesn't know whether he's PM or AM.

Malcolm Turnbull said  "The same could be said for Mr Rudd"

Pity Malcolm doesn't have the wit of Jim Killen or for that matter Peter Costello.