Friday, November 28, 2008

The Left vs the Looney Left

Larry Buttrose - The Australian 27/11/08.

"No-one could accuse the Left of long sentimental honeymoons. It took less than a fortnight for stories about (Obama) as a possible lackey of the usual overlords."

"A year ago, the shiraz-hued flush of euphoria had hardly subsided from the faces of some of my friends and colleagues before they started denouncing Kevin Rudd."

Why didn't they ask us in the right on the right? We could have set them right in both cases.
(Incidently, what happened to the Chardonay Sipping?)

Rudd, Julia Gillard and their team were the ones who defeated Howard...."

However, they would not have done it without the Looney Left - the Green Party Preferences

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