Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wilson Tuckey to speak at Climate Sceptics Protest - Aug 13th

He may be Joe Hockey's cranky old uncle, but Wilson Tuckey makes a lot of sense and stands up for his constituents.

Wilson opposes the ETS on both sides of the issue, i.e. need and effectiveness, but will say also that if a response is needed, other options are available that provide energy efficiency and security.

Wilson has agreed to be one of the speakers at the protest at Parliament House on the 13th August, 2009.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

VOTE NO! Come Clean Malcolm

There are not many Ph.D's in Australia's Federal parliament. There are even less members that have even a basic understanding of science.

Here's a scientific rule: Co2 is vital to life.

Here's a political rule: votes are vital to survival.

Here's a forgotten rule: Parliamentary representatives represent members of the public (let's call THE members of the public - MPs)

Glenn Milne in Today's Sunday Telegraph called Wilson Tuckey wacky because he was representing the views of his voters. Hello?!?, Glenn, do you understand the principles of democray?

But back to Ph.D's. Global Warming sceptic and nuclear power advocate Dennis Jensen,
(described incorrectly in "The West" as "Climate change sceptic") has survived yet another attempt to oust him from his seat, at least for the next few weeks.

Malcolm did not give Dennis much support.

Can it be that Malcolm will profit from an ETS? His ex-Goldman Sachs partners in conjunction with BigAl (profiting more than if he was supported by BigOil) have set up a Carbon Credit and Sustainable Energy Trading Company GIM.

Goldman Sachs (a big contributor to the Democratic Party) people involved with GIM are
Henry Paulson, Peter Harris, Mark Ferguson and David Blood.

We know Goldman Sachs owns 10% of the Chicago Climate Exchange.
We know GIM owns 10% of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Malcolm, I ask that you support your scientific member from the West, support Australia by knocking back the ETS and support honesty by declaring your financial interests in carbon credits.

And let's face it, carbon credits won't make one iota of difference to global warming.

Australia's carbon emissions don't mean a thing compared with US, China and India - oh, and don't forget Europe.

What a joke

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rural MPs climate change doubters

From Adam Morton in the Land.

"A study examining the climate change beliefs of 11 rural politicians has found an overwhelming majority of Coalition MPs interviewed doubted that global warming was linked to greenhouse gas emissions."

People on the land (not THE LAND) have survived climate change for years, they know climate.

"But researcher Lizette Willinck said MPs had little grasp of what climate scientists had reported."

Does the researcher have a grasp of what climate scientists have reported; e.g. -

Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Climate Debate! '

Nature not man responsible for recent global warming...little or none of late 20th century warming and cooling can be attributed to humans'A new peer-reviewed climate study is presenting a head on challenge to man-made global warming claims. The study by three climate researchers appears in the July 23, 2009 edition of Journal of Geophysical Research.

Three Australasian researchers have shown that natural forces are the dominant influence on climate, in a study just published in the highly-regarded Journal of Geophysical Research. According to this study little or none of the late 20th century global warming and cooling can be attributed to human activity.
The research, by Chris de Freitas, a climate scientist at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, John McLean (Melbourne) and Bob Carter (James Cook University), finds that the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a key indicator of global atmospheric temperatures seven months later. As an additional influence, intermittent volcanic activity injects cooling aerosols into the atmosphere and produces significant cooling.

And the Land used the cliched photo of water vapour coming out of a tower.

My photo is of CO2 at work.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

David K or should that be DECAY?

Independent Climate Skeptics - Well, Maybe not so Independent After All (With Graphics) [UPDATED: THE SUMMARY]

Climate skeptics like to claim that there are many independent scientists who refute the consensus of climate change. They love to cite folks like S. Fred Singer, Robert Carter, Roy Spencer (ahem, Dr. Roy Spencer), Pat Michaels, and Willie Soon. Each of these people is asserted to be some independent minded scientist bucking the trend.

Except it isn't true.

There really are only a handful of climate skeptic scientists.

So says cowardly cretin David K. And then he says comments are not allowed. Why?

Well, how does that compare with Senator Inhofe's 700 global warming deniers?

Isn't 700 a little more than a handful, David K?

How does your handful compare with petitionproject's 31,000 plus.

Would you say 31,000 is more than a handful, David K?

No wonder you are afraid to allow comments!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Climate Sceptics Party Not Evil Just Wrong

Just noticed the Climate Sceptics Party have started their own blog and are promoting the Film "Not Evil Just Wrong."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bill Gates blows hard or is it Soft

Is there something in the water? The G8+ mob decided that they would stop temperature rising more that 2º. Strange people!

Now we have Bill Gates micromanaging the environment. He is going to stop hurricanes.

"Microsoft's chairman is among the inventors listed on a new batch of patent applications that propose using large fleets of vessels to suppress hurricanes through various methods of mixing warm water from the surface of the ocean with colder water at greater depths. The idea is to decrease the surface temperature, reducing or eliminating the heat-driven condensation that fuels the giant storms."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sceptics to hassle Al Gore

In the Sydney Morning Herald:

Sceptics to hassle Al Gore
Ben Cubby, Environment Reporter
July 11, 2009

STREET theatre and placard-waving protest are not generally the province of Australia's climate sceptics, but they are making an exception for a visit by the former US vice-president Al Gore.

The Climate Sceptics Party, a newly formed group seeking enough members to be a registered political entity, will picket Mr Gore when he addresses a business breakfast in Melbourne on Monday.

Anyone interested can find details from

The Great Climate Change Con Trick Exposed

In his garden, James Delipole interviews Professor Plimer - tanned, rugged, white-haired sixtysomething — courteous and jolly but combative when he needs to be — glowing with the health of a man who spends half his life on field expeditions to Iran, Turkey and his beloved Outback.

The Great Climate Change Con Trick is exposed by Ian's wonderful book full of peer-reviewed references.

Let's forget any ETS or Carbon (dioxide tax.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

United breaks Guitars

Canadian Musician Dave Carroll had a bad experience with his guitar.

"We were sitting at the back of the plane with the band, and a woman who didn't know we were musicians yells out, 'Oh, my God they're throwing guitars outside'," Carroll told local media.

After months of trying in vain to get the airline to pay compensation and help repair the instrument worth 3,500 Canadian dollars ($A3,850), Carroll changed tack.

So here wrote this song.

A miilion (internet) hits later he has a hit!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hypocrits in Science and Science journalism

In an excellent article in the National Post, Lorne Gunther points out the hypocrisy of the Alarmist scientists and the MSM journalists:

"...the rhetoric of global warming and climate change has become even more frenzied since 2006, not less, even to the point where scientists skeptical of the warming theory are being gagged by the Obama administration and the UN.

...Recall that during the Bush years, scientists and environmentalist often claimed that U. S. government research into climate change was being stifled by the Republican administration. Never mind that during the Bush years the United States spent nearly $2-billion a year on climate research, almost all of it on the environmentalists' side, or that the government scientist who most frequently claimed to be censored -- NASA's James Hansen -- gave media interviews and speeches, published academic papers or wrote newspaper articles more than 1,400 times during the Bush administration. There were always journalists ready to regurgitate the insistence of activist scientists that their vital warnings on warming we being squelched, whether they were or not."

See my previous post on the suppression of EPA veteran Alan Carlin's report.

Where were the scientists protesting the suppression of information?

Where were the jounalists (who should be ever sceptical of spin) protesting the suppression of information?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Educational Protest against Al Gore on 13th July


All members of the community sceptical that CO2 causes climate change are most welcome to join in an "Educational protest" outside where Al Gore will be giving a speech at Docklands on Monday 13th July.

If you are interested in attending the protest and want more info, email

Billets are available for anyone travelling to this event.

We will meet at the southern end of Southern Cross station at 6.15 am to get organised for a 6.30 am start.

Please bring a placard. Try to be humourous as well as educational.
T shirts saying "Global warming? C.R.A.P. Carbon Really Ain't Pollution" will be available to buy & wear.

Leaflets with 10 questions for Al Gore will be supplied for volunteers to hand out to those attending Al Gore's Breakfast.

The event will go from 6.30 am to 7.30 am (including a few speeches at the end.)
We will then have a cuppa afterwards at Southern Cross Station to debrief.
The event will be videoed and put on Youtube.

This event will be an important one in helping to turn the community`s view about climate change around . In years to come you may like to remember you were there.

Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Yours in Scepticism.

Leon Ashby
The Climate Sceptics Party.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planet Cools but hype heats up

More and more the scandal of the Global warming hoax is being exposed.
Just this week, the US Environmental Protection Agency suppressed a report by one of their veteran PhD scientists throwing doubt on the guilt of CO2.
Following up on that, the Obama administration has issued a spin report full of inconvenient lies.

From an IBD editorial: " It then hired an activist media firm that specializes in environmental campaigns, to hype meaningless computer-generated Hollywood disaster scenarios:

Catastrophic sea levels, floods in lower Manhattan, California beaches permanently submerged. Ferocious hurricanes. Droughts. Food shortages, epidemic diseases, a quadrupling of heat-wave deaths. Aged sewer systems convulsing from massive storm runoff. Polar bears disappearing from the Arctic. It may be the most flagrant attempted con job in U.S. history. "