Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hypocrits in Science and Science journalism

In an excellent article in the National Post, Lorne Gunther points out the hypocrisy of the Alarmist scientists and the MSM journalists:

"...the rhetoric of global warming and climate change has become even more frenzied since 2006, not less, even to the point where scientists skeptical of the warming theory are being gagged by the Obama administration and the UN.

...Recall that during the Bush years, scientists and environmentalist often claimed that U. S. government research into climate change was being stifled by the Republican administration. Never mind that during the Bush years the United States spent nearly $2-billion a year on climate research, almost all of it on the environmentalists' side, or that the government scientist who most frequently claimed to be censored -- NASA's James Hansen -- gave media interviews and speeches, published academic papers or wrote newspaper articles more than 1,400 times during the Bush administration. There were always journalists ready to regurgitate the insistence of activist scientists that their vital warnings on warming we being squelched, whether they were or not."

See my previous post on the suppression of EPA veteran Alan Carlin's report.

Where were the scientists protesting the suppression of information?

Where were the jounalists (who should be ever sceptical of spin) protesting the suppression of information?

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