Friday, July 24, 2009

Rural MPs climate change doubters

From Adam Morton in the Land.

"A study examining the climate change beliefs of 11 rural politicians has found an overwhelming majority of Coalition MPs interviewed doubted that global warming was linked to greenhouse gas emissions."

People on the land (not THE LAND) have survived climate change for years, they know climate.

"But researcher Lizette Willinck said MPs had little grasp of what climate scientists had reported."

Does the researcher have a grasp of what climate scientists have reported; e.g. -

Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Climate Debate! '

Nature not man responsible for recent global warming...little or none of late 20th century warming and cooling can be attributed to humans'A new peer-reviewed climate study is presenting a head on challenge to man-made global warming claims. The study by three climate researchers appears in the July 23, 2009 edition of Journal of Geophysical Research.

Three Australasian researchers have shown that natural forces are the dominant influence on climate, in a study just published in the highly-regarded Journal of Geophysical Research. According to this study little or none of the late 20th century global warming and cooling can be attributed to human activity.
The research, by Chris de Freitas, a climate scientist at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, John McLean (Melbourne) and Bob Carter (James Cook University), finds that the El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a key indicator of global atmospheric temperatures seven months later. As an additional influence, intermittent volcanic activity injects cooling aerosols into the atmosphere and produces significant cooling.

And the Land used the cliched photo of water vapour coming out of a tower.

My photo is of CO2 at work.

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