Sunday, July 26, 2009

VOTE NO! Come Clean Malcolm

There are not many Ph.D's in Australia's Federal parliament. There are even less members that have even a basic understanding of science.

Here's a scientific rule: Co2 is vital to life.

Here's a political rule: votes are vital to survival.

Here's a forgotten rule: Parliamentary representatives represent members of the public (let's call THE members of the public - MPs)

Glenn Milne in Today's Sunday Telegraph called Wilson Tuckey wacky because he was representing the views of his voters. Hello?!?, Glenn, do you understand the principles of democray?

But back to Ph.D's. Global Warming sceptic and nuclear power advocate Dennis Jensen,
(described incorrectly in "The West" as "Climate change sceptic") has survived yet another attempt to oust him from his seat, at least for the next few weeks.

Malcolm did not give Dennis much support.

Can it be that Malcolm will profit from an ETS? His ex-Goldman Sachs partners in conjunction with BigAl (profiting more than if he was supported by BigOil) have set up a Carbon Credit and Sustainable Energy Trading Company GIM.

Goldman Sachs (a big contributor to the Democratic Party) people involved with GIM are
Henry Paulson, Peter Harris, Mark Ferguson and David Blood.

We know Goldman Sachs owns 10% of the Chicago Climate Exchange.
We know GIM owns 10% of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Malcolm, I ask that you support your scientific member from the West, support Australia by knocking back the ETS and support honesty by declaring your financial interests in carbon credits.

And let's face it, carbon credits won't make one iota of difference to global warming.

Australia's carbon emissions don't mean a thing compared with US, China and India - oh, and don't forget Europe.

What a joke

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