Thursday, July 23, 2009

David K or should that be DECAY?

Independent Climate Skeptics - Well, Maybe not so Independent After All (With Graphics) [UPDATED: THE SUMMARY]

Climate skeptics like to claim that there are many independent scientists who refute the consensus of climate change. They love to cite folks like S. Fred Singer, Robert Carter, Roy Spencer (ahem, Dr. Roy Spencer), Pat Michaels, and Willie Soon. Each of these people is asserted to be some independent minded scientist bucking the trend.

Except it isn't true.

There really are only a handful of climate skeptic scientists.

So says cowardly cretin David K. And then he says comments are not allowed. Why?

Well, how does that compare with Senator Inhofe's 700 global warming deniers?

Isn't 700 a little more than a handful, David K?

How does your handful compare with petitionproject's 31,000 plus.

Would you say 31,000 is more than a handful, David K?

No wonder you are afraid to allow comments!

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