Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rudd and Wong and their embarassing backdown

Kerry OB on the 7:30 report quotes Kevin 747 Rudd in the middle of the KFC (Kev's Financial Crisis)
"Penny Wong, it's only a few months ago in mid December that the Prime Minister said, and I'll quote, "It would be reckless and irresponsible for our economy and for our environment," to delay the introduction of your carbon emissions trading scheme."
and goes on to mention an embarassing U-turn.

Penny says inter-alia: ..."very significant global economic recession"... and ..."very substantial global economic crisis"
and between these she says: "...what we're trying to do is to shift Australia to a low-pollution economy."

A very noble aim, Penny, and I'm sure that there is not one Australian that would agree with a low-pollution economy. But, how do you pollute an economy?

Then MS Wong blows it! "....if you don't put in place a mechanism to reduce your carbon (dioxide) pollution..." Please explain?

Can you show us, Ms Wong, who didn't even do high school science, one bit of scientific evidence that shows carbon dioxide is pollution?

Then Kerry Oh-Oh-Oh- O'Brien says (timidly?)
"Dare I suggest that this policy back flip has been framed as a political exercise for the next election?"

Another Hard-hitting interview from a hard hitting left wing journalist to a left wing politician on a left wing station that sponsors a left wing think tank AusSMC.

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