Monday, April 27, 2009

Rudd treats Australians with contempt

Why is it that Rudd rhymes with dud?

Our second most popular Prime Minister gained much of his popularity by handing out $900 and $1,000 bribes from taxpayers funds and borrowed funds. Loans all taxpayers will have to repay. He lied his way into office by stating that he was a fiscal conservative and told lies about his family background.

Now he has gone further, as the Canberra Times reports:

" Ministers are required to answer parliamentarians' questions on notice within 30 days. The document details questions about Resource Minister Martin Ferguson's overseas travel and the number of media and communications staff employed in his department. In one case, the Resources Department sent its response to the Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet on November 21 last year, but MrRudd's office has still not cleared the answer.

The shadow Special Minister of State, Michael Ronaldson, said the Prime Minister was treating Parliament and the public with contempt.

'This is an absolute disgrace,' he said yesterday.'Here we have a Government preaching openness and transparency, but deliberately hiding embarrassing information. Once again, this Government demonstrates that it runs on spin and hypocrisy' "

Vote for Rudd - get a dud!

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