Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That's Steam, don't pollute minds

From I Love Carbon about

.. a story from Reuters that combines the worst of both worlds, media biased portrayal with political black mail. Let's start with the media part. There is a two photo slide show with the story, here is the first photo (left);

Now I don't know how many people know that those towers at power plants are cooling towers and coming out of the top is nothing more than steam. In England a survey showed that two thirds of people thought what was coming out was pollution. I would guess it is the same everywhere. This is done to protect the environment so as not to discharge hot water back into lakes etc.
The fact that the media uses these pictures constantly as an iconic representation of global warming is both misleading and ironic. The irony being that water vapor is in fact the number one greenhouse gas, though man's contribution is minuscule. Besides that is not what our purveyors of truth in the media are trying to portray anyway. When you see pictures like the above it is meant to represent pollution. The fact that it is not is obviously unimportant to them. Of course they are just following the lead of the most famous of such misdirection.

Visit the link above to see the photos. Australia's very even reporter (NOT) the ABC regularly use similar images of water vapour coming from cooling towers at power plants to support stories about the bogus fact CO2 equals manmade global warming.

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