Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alarmists@Copenhagen vs Sceptics@ New York

From the Energy Tribune:

A good report contrasting the two conferences held last month.

Some Contrasts:

•The climate alarmist conference in Copenhagen was attended by over 2,000 activists, mostly non-scientists.
• The conference duly warned of even higher sea levels and even higher global temperatures all presaging even greater catastrophes.
• The Copenhagen meeting was not about science, it was about politics and prophecy.

New York
•...some 700 climate “skeptics” many of them scientists...
• This was a wholly different kind of affair. It focused on the science of climate change, the latest scientific data, and climate trends.

The most distressing part of the article said:
As such, in dealing with the gritty reality of climate science, it got almost zero mass media coverage.

What happened to investigative journalism? With the current crop of reporters we would not have heard about Nixon and Deep throat nor Clinton and Levinsky.

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