Monday, April 13, 2009

Kyoto Box pulls wool over Pachauri's eyes

From Grist.Beta:

Kyoto stove wins $75,000 FT climate change innovation competition about a cardboard box that uses sunlight (global warming) to cook.

and one of the comments:

From RUserious

I thought new had to be new to be new?
I am all for solar cookers (I have designed and built several of them myself), but, I am not thilled about someone winning a $75,000 prize for an invention that has been around for several hundred years. This solar box cooker looks like the one Napoleon's troops were using in the mid 1800's. The only apparent difference is cardboard instead of wood and plexiglass instead of glass.

Also from the article

Methane from ruminants is estimated to be responsible for 20% of global warming;

From a recent paper by Dr Gerrit van der Lingen entitled "Ruminants not Kyoto villains."

Reducing methane emissions from ruminants has now become one of the major targets of anthropogenic (man-made)-global-warming activists. Recently, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), called on people to give up eating meat, on the grounds that the digestive methane given off by cattle contributes more to greenhouse gases than all the world’s transport. Someone was wondering what Dr Pachaudri was going to do about the 400 million sacred cows in his homeland India. Being a vegetarian in India would not help to reduce its ruminant methane emissions. But then, India is exempt from the Kyoto Protocol.


All plants, including grass, require carbon dioxide to grow. Grass is eaten by ruminants and the carbon in it is used for the growth of the animal and for milk and wool production. A small part of the carbon from the grass is used to make methane through enteric fermentation. This methane is emitted by the animals into the atmosphere. It stays in the atmosphere for only about 10 years, after which it changes back to carbon dioxide, which in turn is being absorbed by the grass, which in turn is eaten by the animals, etc. It is basically a closed loop.

More of Dr Van der Lingen's paper can be found on the NZ Climate Scietists Coalition Web site.


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