Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MainstreamMedia at last looking at both sides?

In the Fairfax Paper - The Independant Weekly there is a report that challenges the "science" as quoted by Bob Brown, Penny Wong and, presumably, the IPCC. It talks about Professor Ian Plimer's new book "Heaven and Earth" and also the visit to Australia of Dr. Miklos Zagoni, Hungarian physicist, reviewer of the IPCC 2007 Assessment Report Four.

He is delivering a lecture in Mount Gambier on May 23 about how Greenhouse gases cannot cause climate change.

What the article fails to mention is that Dr. Zagoni and also David Stockwell are addressing a meeting at Newcastle University at 1pm tomorrow - 15/4/09. For details, call President "The Climate Sceptics" phone: (08) 87259561 or (08) 87235550.

Somehow, I think that the tide is turning.

The chair of the Australian Environment Foundation, Dr Jennifer Marohasy, was heard today on Sydney Radio.

What will happen to the IPCC and the "sell-out" scientists when the fraud is exposed?

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