Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poor PM Rudd doesn't understand budget

From a Radio interview on Sydney Am Station 2GB today.


Indicating that he doesn't really understand the figures but he said "the debt would peak at a gross figure of 13.8 which comes out at about 300" so they won't use the word billion or whatever but the statement is completely wrong because a gross figure of 13.8 there has been no value attached to that in the Budget at all. The 300 that he is talking about of course is what it is going to be in this cycle who says at the end of four years.


It is all true. Now let me give you another example. I was in the Budget Speech in the House of Representatives on the Tuesday night. The Budget Speech was delivered to all of us. I flicked through it looking for the bottom line. Now Mr Swan did not mention what he was budgeting for.

Marvellous, a PM who doesn't understand his own budget, a PM who crosses out employee shares whislt his filthy rich wife uses this very good incentive with her own staff.

When will the public wake up?

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