Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hottest January Day

For all those predicting that temperatures are rising, please note that Tomorrow (14/1/09) is the 70th Anniversary of Sydney's hottest January day. This was before major industrialisation, before every home had a refrigerator, TV, computer, video, gameboy, electrical washing machine. People used hand powered push mowers and very few families had a motor car. Hardly anyone flew around the world. What do you think our CO2 output was then?

And Obama is going to call CO2 a "dangerous pollutant" contributing to global warming?

Our hottest January days have been  14/1/39        45.3º;  
                                                                  13/1/ 1896  42.5º; 
                                                                  27/1/1960   42.4º;  
                                                                   4/1/1942    41.9º;  
                                                                    5/1/1863   41.6º.

Not one of the top 20 hottest January days is after 1977 when we really started pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

Remember that very hot New Year's day a few years back? Not there.

Boy oh boy and we are going to tax CO2?? Stupidity!

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