Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dr Jon Jenkins "Debunking Junk Green Science."

Dr Jon Jenkins (see previous post from the Australian) is an adjunct professor of virology specialising in computer modelling at Bond University. He was a former member of the NSW Legislative Council but left after a cancer scare.

His Website (Link in Title) is called "Dedicted to Debunking Green Science."
On this site he points out that he was one of the original "greenies" but 'it causes me great pain to see what started out as a pure motive to care for the environment (was) corrupted and perverted by political ideologues.

(The Greens are well known as watermelons - green on the outside but the greater part is the pink inside - TB.)

His comments on the NSW elections (but equally applies to the Federal elections - John Howard got more votes than Maxine McKew but 7,000 green votes pushed McKew over the line):

Well the election is done and dusted and true to form the majority just blindly did as they were told and voted ALP/Liberal. Green preferences gave government back to the ALP; (and  he prophetically added) there will be a price to pay for that!

He goes on to add that if a pollie does a good job, it goes unreported.

It is a sad but unfortunate facet of democracy that if people don't know about you then they won't vote for you.

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