Friday, January 2, 2009

Barnaby Joyce on the ETS

Agmates Rural News has an article by Barnaby Joyce:

Some extracts:

"My current concern with the ETS is that a religious fervour has built up around the altar of global warming. Those at the altar have become ruthless in their denigration of alternate views."

"The similarity in this newest forte of socialism can be defined by the ultimate purpose of divesting the individual of their asset or income stream on the premise of an apparent greater moral good."

"Australia is going down a path of an ETS without the co-operation of the major emitting countries. It says that it is morally right to do so. The Rudd Labor Government and others say that unilateral action is a moral imperative. I look forward to the same fervour of moralistic rectitude as they approach the Mugabe issue in Zimbabwe."

Happy New Year, Barnaby. May you remain in Parliament protecting the interests of Australians for a long time.

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