Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Global Warming Crescendo has passed

Article by Christopher G. Adamo published at

"Weather patterns of the past decade indicate that the planet has been in an undeniable cooling trend since prior to the new millenium."  ....

"To the dubious credit of its advocates,, the entire "global warming" controversy, along with the mountains of legislation and regulations that resulted from its promotion amounted to perhaps the largest and most successful example of royal nudity in the modern era. Entire industries have sprung from the public pressure brought against oil companies and other large-scale manufacturers who face increasingly outrageous demands to curtail their dastardly assaults on mother earth."  .....

"Most ominous of all, the coal industry, which makes up the backbone of America's ability to produce electricity, is being openly targeted for eventual eradication by the left-wing political establishment. So universally vilified is it among the liberal elite that some "progressive" jurisdictions are currently refusing to buy electrical power produced from coal.

"Instead, they opt for "green" sources of energy, not realizing (or perhaps deliberately ignoring the facts) that the utilitarian efficiency of coal-fired electrical production is the primary reason that such alternatives can be selectively employed at the whims of the enviro-extremists."  ...

"No less a leader than Vaclav Klaus, Incoming president of the European Union, denounces climate change hysteria as a hoax."

As it is in America, Australia's coal industry is vilified,but without it, Australia would not have sufficient energy.

With most of the Northern Hemisphere recording record cold and record snow, when are the Gores and Hansens going to admit they are wrong or do the have too much invested in the lie of Global Warming?

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