Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flannery says whaling is OK

Somehow I missed this story last month. New Years Eve, where was my mind?

From a Daily Telegraph Story Exclusive by Saffron Howden, Environment Reporter 31/12/08.

"As Australia prepares to monitor the whaling fleet in Antarctica amid rising diplomatic tensions with Japan, Professor Flannery says there is nothing unsustainable about its annual cull of up to 1000 whales - particularly the common minke whale.

"In terms of sustainability, you can't be sure that the Japanese whaling is entirely unsustainable," Professor Flannery told The Daily Telegraph. "It's hard to imagine that the whaling would lead to a new decline in population." "

I never thought that I would agree with the Flummery, but here, on the Minke he is spot on.

Professor Flannery's views have not changed since his comments on Japanese whaling back in 2003.
In a paper published that year in Quarterly Essay he argued that smaller-brained whales could be hunted sustainably.

"If these animals are closer in intelligence to the sheep than the dog, is it morally wrong to eat them if they can be harvested sustainably?" he wrote.

Now, we have to get Tim to study AGM, Perhaps he will realise that the hoax is just that?

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