Monday, January 26, 2009

Climate Change Reality Check

By Glen Meakem Sunday, January 25, 2009 Pittsburgh

One year ago, I believed that man-made global warming was true, with temperatures rising dangerously due to increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere. I also believed that a consensus of the international scientific community supported these conclusions.

I based these beliefs on information from the popular press, television and political leaders. Then I began some real research on the topic.

I quickly discovered three critical things:
• First, the Earth has experienced significant warming over the past 18,000 years that has nothing to do with human activity.
• Second, more recent temperature variations demonstrate that there is little or no correlation between levels of atmospheric CO2 and temperature.
• And third, there is no "consensus" among scientists on climate change.

A reality check by Glen Meakem - what we need is a reality check by the IPCC now that warming has paused/stopped.

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