Monday, January 5, 2009

Global Warming Freeze?

Dr. David Deming is a geophysicist, an adjunct scholar with the US National Center for Policy Analysis and an associate professor of Arts  and Sciences at the University of Oklohoma.

Writing in the Washington Times:

"A preliminary estimate by the British Met Office says 2008 will be the coldest year in the last 10. The extant of global sea ice is at the same level it was in 1980. The mean planetary temperature, as measured by satellite, also is the same as in 1980.

Last March, NASA reported the oceans have been cooling for the last 5 years. Sea levels have stopped rising and Northern Hemisphere cyclone and hurricane activity is at a 24 year low......

Now that global warming is over, politicians are finally ready to enact dubious solutions to a non-existent problem."

Over to you, Kevin747 and Penny Wong, Barack Obama and Stephen Chu, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

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