Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama won't call Rudd

From the Melbourne Herald-Sun's Columnist Andrew Bolt.

Welcome back, Andrew, we missed you!!

I’m sure it’s simply because Barack Obama is too busy. And yet it will hurt Kevin Rudd not to have the access to him that John Howard once earned with George Bush:

BARACK Obama began his presidency last week with telephone calls to leaders in the Middle East. He has since placed calls to the prime ministers and presidents of Britain, Russia, France, Germany and Canada.

But almost a week after his inauguration, the new president is yet to pick up the phone to Kevin Rudd, the leader of America’s most steadfast ally…

The talks came amid the fall-out from The Australian’s publication of an account of a telephone conversation between Mr Rudd and then president George W Bush. US officials denied Mr Rudd’s account of the conversation.

Rudd’s problem, of course, is that Obama will not need Rudd as Bush needed Howard.
For a start, he is a multilateralist, and in that game we’re small beer.
What’s more, Obama does not stand short of (largely fair-weather) friends at the moment, so we’re at the back of a long queue.
Third, of course, is Rudd’s chronic leaking of private calls.

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