Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Defense of Lou Dobbs.. by James A Peden

On Co2sceptics.com by Jim Peden

After discussing alarmists are becoming deniers however "I know of not a single person who once was a "denier" and has now decided to become an "alarmist" on the basis of science."

He further adds the problem with pseudo-science tothe future generation:

"Sadly, those who have the greatest power to quash this massive hoax, like Andrew Revkin and other journalists, lack the in-depth education in physics and mathematics to truly understand the astonishingly miss-labeled phenomenon we have so incorrectly named the "greenhouse effect". The general public and most journalists are so mathematically and scientifically illiterate, they are inclined to think that the largest number of votes on this subject will magically result in an accurate consensus, not realizing that those voting are as illiterate as they.

The collateral damage to science itself will be massive. Millions of school children, having been taught that the Arctic ice is vanishing along with the polar bear, will eventually learn that they have been lied to, and we can look forward to a whole new generation who will not respect, and not wish to participate in the profession of science. NASA, once a respected fountain of technical knowledge, has been almost irreparably damaged by the failed and fraudulent computer models of persons like James Hansen and Gavin Schmidt."

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