Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gore Gloom knocked down by Monckton

In the Science and Public Policy Institute a paper by Christopher Monckton dated 7/1/09 entitled Scare Watch  Gore: Yet another "moment of fateful decision."

After listing Gore's predictions of gloom and doom, Lord Monckton says:

"The truth: Al Gore knows full well he is not telling the truth. ....There are now serious discussions afoot to lodge complaints against Gore to the federal financial and legal authorities in that he fraudulently talks up the imagined "climate crisis" in the hope the he and his "green" investment corporation can profit by the baseless alarm that his falsehoods generate.  ...
Certainly, it is a serious matter that Gore continues to attempt to profit at the expense of the gullible by peddling falsehoods..."

Full report available in PDF form at the above link.
Bring on the complaints, Lord Monckton.

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