Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is Penny Wong or Right (2)

Penny Wong on 4BC:
"The consensus science is that climate change is occurring."

Well, sorry, Penny, Science doesn't work on "Consensus." and if it did, look at and the more than 31,000 scientists that do not believe in AGW. I'll take your consensus and raise you...

"What I say is, have a look at what the IPCC said – that is not a radical group…"

Pardon, that biased and disgraced POLITICAL body???

When asked about the 31000 of the petition project, she, as usual dodged the question and answered "and... and... and I... to be honest with you.. think that most Australians do have a view that this is real ..."

Have you seen recent polling, Penny... oh yes, of course you have. Don't tell porkies!

"Are you willing to take the risk in terms of the reef, in terms of all of the economic impact of climate change. We see this as an economic responsibility issue."

I say- Ms Wong, Are YOU willing to initiate a CRIPPLING carbon (Dioxide) tax (aka ETS- aka Penny's new HAT [hot air tax])
on an unproven theory which is slowly sliding into oblivion?

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