Sunday, January 11, 2009

King Tide and Climate Change

In a disgraceful article in the SMH 10/1/09 a link was made between supposed rise in oceanic waters caused by climate change and the King Tide expected tomorrow(12/1).

Tomorrow's high tide is expected to reach 1.89 metres. Sydney's winter king tide in 1974 reached 2.37 metres. Satellite data have shown world oceans have been FALLING for two years. Last year, the Pasha Bulker was refloated on a hightide of 1.88 metres.

Channel 7 evening news repeated the inference that the King Tide was related to the supposed "climate change."

Why, oh why, don't these journalists check the science before repeating the garbage fed to them by the various climate change offices.

The climate change offices (i.e. political offices) are on the public pad and if they admit the truth that temperatures have been FALLING for 11 years, ocean levels have BEEN falling for two years, public support has also been FALLING, they really would have to shut themselves down.

The sooner we wake up to this disgraceful hoax foisted on us by James Hansen and the discredited IPCC the better our taxation purses will be.

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