Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fred's Fearless Forecast -2009

From Joe D'Aleo's ICECAP;

S Fred Singer Ph.D., President, Science and Environmental Policy Project  - forecasts for 2009

"Obama's three - Chu, John Holdren and Jane Luchenco. All with sterling credentials - a Nobel laureate in physics, a recent president of the AAAS, a recent head of the International Council of Scientific Unions - but with minmal knowledge of climate science, except what they may have gleaned from reading the IPCC summary."  ...

"I think that Obama is much too smart to devote political capital to doomed climate legislation. ...  Climate science isn't going to figure prominently in the congressional debates - alas; it's all about economics and politics."

Like Kevin747, talk it up before you get in, but whimp out on the practical at action time!

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