Friday, January 9, 2009

The IPCC can't count by John McLean

John McLean disputes the often quoted "4000 scientists from the IPCC supported the claims about a significant human influence on climate."

In a well-researched document he trawls through the names and finally reduces the number to 60.

His summary:

"This document has shown that yet another statement by the IPCC is unsupported by solid evidence. Not only was the IPCC dishonest about the level of support for its primary claim, either deliberately or through allowing an ambiguity to be misinterpreted, but it couldn't even get its number of authors and reviewers correct.

If the IPCC cannot provide an accurate count of authors, reviewers and the people who acted in both roles for its report then we probably should be asking what, if any, of its statements can be believed."

They told Dr Deming they had to get rid of the MWP, they produced the fraudulent "hockey-stick" graph that indeed got rid of the MWP, now it has been shown that they cheated on their numbers of people.  

Indeed John, what, if any, of its statements can be believed?

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