Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Penny Wong or Right (3)

On ABC (Australia) Rural, Penny Wong had this to say

"Meanwhile, Senator Wong says the heatwave gripping south-east Australia is part of what scientists predicted would happen.
Temperatures have soared into the mid-40s across Victoria and South Australia, and the hot weather is forecast to continue for the rest of the week."
In South Australia it is the hottest for 70 years! Back to the 1930's which NASA's GISS has said was the hottest decade in the last 100 years!
"Eleven of the hottest years in history have been in the last 12..."
Really, Penny, when Dr. R.K. Pachauri head of the IPCC made the same statement, he had to retract it!

And following on from my post Is "Penny Wong or Right (2)" where she said on 4BC radio "and... and... and I... to be honest with you.. think that most Australians do have a view that this (AGW) is real ..." a poll in the Australian newspaper as at today's date records: Are the heatwaves in Victoria and South Australia evidence of global warming?
Yes 8%
No 70%
Don’t know 23% Wrong again, Pen!

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