Friday, January 30, 2009

O-Obama -Isn't this waste?

Stayed tuned we'll have a Pop-eye cartoon along in a minute - Roger Miller.
A quote from Roger's classic - Kansas City Star.

And speaking of Kansas City Star ( the Newspaper): From: Thomas McClanahan, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist:

"Another nugget from the stimulus bill passed by the House:
Backers of NASA sought $2 billion to help finance the costs of the next manned-space program. Instead...
NASA was allotted $600 million by the House - none of it for space-related activities. The biggest chunk of the money, $400 million, went to "put more scientists to work doing climate change research."

NASA backers are hoping the Senate will aim some money at NASA for what the agency exists to do: Explore space. "

More money wasted on the scam that is Anthropogenic Global Warming. O-O-O-Obama...What are you doing?

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