Monday, January 26, 2009

13,000 New Australians and MICK

Forget about the Boat people arriving illegally, today is Australia Day and around the country 13,000 new citizens will be sworn in. Probably most famous among them will be Leo Sayer.

Leo's hits include: "When I need You;" "You make me feel like Dancing;" and my favourite linked in the title "One Man Band."

Welcome aboard Leo.

While we are at it, veteran Aboriginal activist and lawyer was named Australian of the Year and immediately called for Australia Day to be removed.

Australia Day -26th January was the day Captain Phillip raised the flag in Sydney Cove in 1778. The day has been celebrated since 1789. Australia was chosen by Britain as a colony because a scuffle in the US made that country unavailable.

On ABC Radio's AM program, Dodson said:
" I understand how many, many Indigenous Australians feel about January the 26th and I share their concerns about that because that represents the day that in effect our world came crashing down. And many Indigenous Australians regard it as Invasion Day."

Well, what about 18/1/1788 as a nomination for Invasion Day? On that day, the First Fleet entered Botany Bay and planted a flag.
Or perhaps back in 1770 when James cook planted a flag on Possession Island and claimed the East Coast for dear old England?

And Mick -"our world came crashing down." Crashing? Hardly. The faltering colony took a long time to spread.

And Mick, where would you be now if it had been a different "Invader?"

And Mick, would you prefer to be a hunter/gatherer or do you prefer the modern lifestyle?

And Mick, if you felt that way - why did you accept the Australian of the Year nomination?

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