Saturday, February 21, 2009

Turnbull's 'Hamlet' stance on climate under fire

In a SMH article by Marion Wilkinson dated 20/2/09:

At a meeting of the Australian Business Economists forum in Sydney today, Senator Wong renewed her attack on the Opposition Leader, calling on him to support the Government's key climate change policy.

Well, surely, Senator Wrong should have to produce some science that shows CO2 causes Global Warming before introducing her HAT (HOT AIR TAX )- her ETS. As the IPCC has been trying, without success after 20 years, to show that CO2 causes warming, it will be hard for MS Wrong to prove it.

"The challenge will be for Mr Turnbull to stand up to the climate change sceptics in the coalition who do not want action taken on climate change", Senator Wong said.

Better yet, tell them to join the new Australian Party opposed to any form of Carbon Tax, the Carbon Sceptics Party. (See previous entry)

Asked about the chances of getting the policy through the Senate this year, Senator Wong said: "We will talk to all parties but ultimately, when this legislation gets to the senate, the opposition and all parties will have to decide whether they want Australia to start reducing its emissions from next year."

Let us hope and pray that the Senate has some sense and rejects her CRAP (Carbon Reduction Australia Policy) her ETS - her new HAT (See previous entry - Penny's new Hat.) Australia's already teetering after Kevin Rudd's Buy More Votes stimulation package.
To introduce an ETS would completely bankrupt the country.

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