Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crash or burn as Penny's Wrong Tax faces collapse

From SMH dated 20/Feb/09 in an article by Phillip Coorey and Marian Wilkinson:

The Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, will tell a business lunch in Sydney the global financial crisis was no excuse for backing away from implementing the (ETS) scheme next year.

The lack of evidence showing CO2 to cause warming means Penny Wong has no excuse to introduce her new HAT (Hot Air Tax),25197,25047319-2702,00.html
In the above link dated 13 Feb 09, Wayne Swann asked the House of Representatives economics committee to inquire into "the choice of emissions trading as the central policy to reduce Australia's carbon pollution".
However, one week later, according to the government biased and pro-global warming biased ABC, Treasurer Wayne (I'm not sure what I'm doing) Swan has asked the House of Representatives Economics Committee to call off an investigation into emissions trading, saying it has become "politicised".His decision late yesterday came after a day of confusion about whether the Government would delay the introduction of the scheme.

Back to the first SMH story. Penny is quoted as saying: "Our Government remains undeterred in our determination to implement the [trading scheme] because we know it is the economically responsible course of action for Australia."

Well Ms Wong, it will ruin the economy. Queensland, for example has already stated that it will cost 370,000 jobs.Your own government's research arm has warned of thousands of job losses and a $1.8b hit to the economy.,23739,23747571-3102,00.html

Do you honestly believe it is the economically responsible course of action for Australia? Get out of here!

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