Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rudd neo-liberal with the facts

Journalist and Executive Director of The Sydney Institute, Gerard Henderson discusses Mr Rudd's 8000-word article on the global financial crisis for The Monthly.
..."Kevin Rudd spent his summer holiday at Kirribilli House on Sydney Harbour ..."

Would that be the same Kirribilli House that Labor continually censured the previous Prime Minister for using:
(From the Website of Anthony Albanese, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Developement and Local Government, Leader of the House. )
The fact the (Previous) Prime Minister chooses to live at Kirribilli and not at the Lodge has provoked plenty of criticism over the decade he's been in office. Labor estimates it's cost taxpayers millions of dollars extra to maintain two residences instead of one. And every year in Senate estimates it draws attention to the running costs of both houses. Today (12 June 07) the Manager of Opposition Business Anthony Albanese had another shot.

Anyhow, back to Gerard's column:

Who do you believe? According to the view from Kirribilli, Howard and the Coalition were heavily into neo-liberalism and were opposed to taxation and regulation. But according to the view from Davos, Australia has the best financial regulation system in the world, along with a strong budget outcome which was obviously contributed to by taxation. Since Labor has been in office for just over a year, this cannot be solely the work of Rudd.

and further
Australia will suffer from the global financial crisis. But our financial institutions are stronger now than they were during the recession of the early 1990s. And the fact that Rudd Labor can readily put the budget into deficit stands testimony to the fact that John Howard and Peter Costello produced strong surpluses during the boom years. This was not achieved by George Bush and the conservatives in the US, nor by the Blair/Brown social democrats in Britain.

As he's done before, Mr Rudd is re-writing history.

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