Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Melbourne's Hottest Day

From Andrew Bolt's Blog:

What the preachers have seized on to blame the fires on man-made warming is that Melbourne suffered its hottest day on record—46.4C—a week before the flames roared over our towns.

Global warming, right? Wrong.

First, Melbourne did in fact have a hotter day before, four years before the Bureau of Meteorology started officially recording temperatures.

As the Argus newspaper reported at the time, the temperature on February 6, 1851, soared to 47.2C, helping to superheat the fires that then roared across 10 times more land than was burned last week.

AND despite claims that global warming is now heating this land like never before, Victoria’s highest recorded temperature is still the 50.7C measured in Mildura 103 years ago.

South Australia’s is also 50.7C, recorded 49 years ago.
NSW’s is the 50C of 70 years ago.
Queensland’s is the 49.5C of 37 years ago.
Not much recent warming obvious there.

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