Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Climate change's impact on north country- Watertown

An error-filled article on by Erika Barthelmess who made the following strange statements:

The scientific community is in agreement about two important facts. First, the global climate is changing, with the average temperature of the earth increasing;

Well, no, over the last century temperatures rose by approximatley 0.6Âșc, however, for more than eleven years temperatures have been steady.

and second, the changes result from a human-caused increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Wrong again! Despite the IPCC trying to find a causal link for more than 20 years, one has not been found. A link however has been found with the Vostok Ice core samples which have shown that a rise in temperature brings on a rise in atmospheric CO2 but with a lag of 800 +/- 200 years.

Though a few skeptics try to debunk the fact of climate change, it is widely accepted in the scientific community.

Sorry - not a few, google and see more than 31000 scientists in climate related fields do not accept the theory.

For information about climate change, readers can consult the expert and politically neutral Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Political Neutral. Tell them they're dreaming, son.

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