Friday, February 6, 2009

McKibben outlines climate change effects -NOT

The Lexington Global warming action coalition posted their first three misconceptions.
Boy, are they misconceptions!

Their first, correctly titled
1. Scientists are divided

Consensus is a word that scientist don't own. By its very nature, Science questions everything, but having said that, the US senate lists 650 scientist that are sceptical to the IPCC view:

31,072 American scientists,including 9,021 with PhDs, have signed this petition, found at

acknowledging that they are sceptics

Whilst the IPCC ARIV was produced by less than 100 scientists mainly without peer-review and disregarding dissenting opinion from some of the writers.

Lexington's second point, correctly titled

2. We have time
Starts The melting Arctic ice will help speed up global warming.
Except the Arctic ice is a great as it was in 1980, the Antarctic Ice volume is growing and Greenland permafrost is growing, so, yes, We have time.

The third point is so stupid, I won't bother to address it!


Bhuvan Chand said...

climate change is really harmful to us..

talbyv said...


Climate is always changing. Since the beginning of time climate has changed.
Sometimes it has been harmful, sometimes it has been beneficial.
During the Mediaeval Warm period(MWP), Greenland was farmed, in Europe, amazing things happened - due to the wealth generated by global warming -Beautiful Cathedrals were built, grapes were grown in London and Northern England.

However, the MWP was followed by the little ice age. This was a bad period for the human race and as you say "climate change is really harmful to us.."

Warming is good, freezing is bad.

Let's hope that, as Russian Scientists have suggested, we are not heading for another ice age, as you say that sort of climate change would be "really harmful for us."