Monday, February 9, 2009

Rudd lies again in Parliament

In Today's SMH, Columnist Paul Sheehan suggests Mr Kevin747 is preparing for an early election trigger with his politically based $42 billion Nation Building and Jobs Plan.
Paul mentions that former Labor leader Mark Latham observed last week

"They have jumped all over the financial crisis, not with a clear economic strategy in mind, but with an urgent sense of the political opportunity it presents."

Paul goes on to say:
Above all, an early election would buy Rudd time to deal with the disconnect between his rhetoric and his performance, such as this lightning bolt delivered last Tuesday: "Australia is in a stronger position than these countries because the Government built a strong surplus last year as a buffer for tough times."

This is blandly recorded in Hansard without a hint of what was going on in the chamber. It was noisy. Not from interjections, but from laughter. The opposition was laughing at the Prime Minister's gall.

His government had not "built" a $20 billion budget surplus; it had inherited one, part of a massive $90 billion financial firewall left behind by the Coalition government. Within the Rudd Government's first full fiscal year, that budget surplus would be gone.

It had taken 11 years for the Howard-Costello government to unwind the $96 billion federal debt left behind by Labor in 1996. It had taken 11 months for the Rudd Government to commit to debt on the same scale.

Obviously, Mr KRudd is either suffering from delusions or is aware of the lies he is perpetrating.

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