Sunday, February 15, 2009

Expect Climate Exaggerations

From a report on the on-line service of the Arizona Daily Star, some extracts:-

The debate on why the world is warming has ended, according to the presenting scientists.

Quite right, since it's stopped warming, the debate is over.

"Be prepared for surprises," said Jonathan Overpeck, director of the University of Arizona's Institute for Environment and Society, one of three speakers at the symposium.

Was this the person who said to David Deming (Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Earth and Energy,
University of Oklahoma) that the alarmists had to get rid of the MWP prior to Mann et al producing the disgraced "hockey stick" graph?

Stephen Jackson, director of the University of Wyoming's department of botany, said
"The good news is that climate change is nothing new. It's part of the world we live in, but the bad news is that a time of climate change is not a good time to be around."

Well, Mr Jackson, as climate is always changing, is there ever a good time to be around?

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